Cheerful Good Omens Recs

My friend and fellow Tumblr user @pipmer was feeling out of sorts and asked for Good Omens recs. So I dug through my millions of Good Omens bookmarks for some stories that are especially cute and cheerful. These are all very well-written and super cute:

What A Way to Make A Living by Attheborder. Teen & Up. 5K. Crowley, funemployed post-armagedon’t and driving Aziraphale to distraction, instead tries driving for Uber. 

Just Take Me Back To Yours by Effanineffableplans (Dawn_Blossom). Teen & Up. 4K. A nesting fic. Crowley and Aziraphale are at cross-purposes with their nesting instincts. 

Ordinary People (The Anything But Ordinary Remix) by Cimorene. Mature. 14K. Crowley gets the urge to redecorate the bookshop and manages to talk Aziraphale into letting him do it. Is book canon but it doesn’t really impact the story. 

Off the Record by PaintedVanilla. Teen & Up. 8K. Crowley keeps logs of his sins to facilitate making his reports to downstairs. Not everything gets included in the reports, of course.

Must Love Earth by TeaDragon. General. 21K. Adam decides that making Heaven and Hell date each other would foster internecine harmony. Crowley and Aziraphale go on a lot of bad dates before hitting upon the obvious solution.

At Least Eleven Second First Times by Enjambament. Mature. 9K. The new body gifted to Aziraphale during the apocanopes isn’t broken in and it’s extremely oversensitive. Crowley helps him renew his acquaintance with the world.

i’d Like for You and i To Go Romancing by Dollsome. Teen & Up. 7K. Crowley and Aziraphale take quite a long time to catch on that they are, in fact, a couple. Adorable.

A Picnic Plan For You and Me by Theappleppielifestyle. General. 20K. Crowley makes food for Aziraphale. Grumpily but with devotion.

Of Burnt Books and Courting Crowley by Robynvite. Teen & Up. 11K. Aziraphale tries to find another copy of the second book of prophecies while working out his relationship with Crowley, assisted by advice from Anathema.

Sexy stories:

I Was Born To Love You by AnnetheCatDetective. Explicit. 28K. I love this slow burn story SO MUCH. They are not kidding when they say slow burn, but it is so wonderful and hilarious as well as hot. It starts with Aziraphale getting turned on by Crowley’s ankles being visible through his seductive thin socks.

Lead Me to the Banquet Hall by Obstinatrix and Wishwellingtons. Explicit. 14K. Crowley doesn’t eat at dinner with Aziraphale but he eats later on. Aziraphale discovers the truth and gets his feelings hurt. It gets better from there.

Enjoy, my dears!

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